Lean Leadership Journey


Developing an agile and lean organization that sticks requires change agents, agile ambassadors, and agile coaches to be embedded into your organization. Internal coaches and facilitators are important when you want to increase your organization’s agility and maneuverability.

The transformation to and cultivation of a nimble organization requires focus, attention, and time. A single day of training will definitely not pull this off. An intense journey spread out over one or two seasons joined with frequent exchange within a peer group—or agile guild—will.

As part of the focus on [[Lean Leadership]], the six day [[Lean Leadership Journey]] will train your organization the essential tricks of the agile and lean trade. The program will educate you into a ‘”’leader coach”’’, and allows you to cultivate agility into your organization.

[[Lean Leadership Journey]] guides you through the following themes:
#[[Align]] to create a solid agile bedrock and common vocabulary.
#[[System]] to understand complex, self-organizing systems.
#[[Team]] to foster aligned, autonomous teams.
#[[Coach]] to evolve your leader coach skills.
#[[Facilitate]] to lead meetings that matter.
#[[Change]] to sustain learning and agility.

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