…you guide one or more teams and are developing yourself as a ‘lean leader’ on your Lean Leadership Journey.

Honing the autonomy of others buys you more time, injects more joy in working with others, gets you better results, and makes you more effective as a leader.

After the Coach day of the Lean Leadership Journey you will be able to:

  • help others to develop themselves by increasing their skills and learning power;
  • read the skill and will of others in order to motivate them accordingly;
  • use the right balance between directing and delegating to grow the other;
  • develop the art of giving good feedback;
  • unstuck blocked issues;
  • coach someone in a hurry.

Adding a whiff of wise foolishness here often does wonders. However, the role of wise fool deserves its own web site on

The art of coaching sets you up to also add the art of facilitating meetings that matter to your skill set.