…the foundation for the Lean Leadership Journey is laid, and has aligned everyone.

The magic of organizations and teams as complex, self-governing systems—the organization as self-organizing swarm—eases the work for everyone. The art to shape everything in such a way that the whole organization emerges virtually effortlessly is one of the most important concepts to grasp.

Once you have experienced the power of self-organization, the art of optimizing effectiveness, efficiency, and flow becomes a wonderful serious game.

People enjoy their work more, show more entrepreneurship and take more responsibility. The increase in autonomy allows you to delegate more, so you have more time to lead.

During the revealing and often magical System day, you will learn how to:

  • leverage the power of self-organization and self-governance;
  • significantly improve the liquidity—throughput, lead time, and flow— of your organization;
  • apply system thinking and doing;
  • emerge complex adaptive organizations almost effortlessly;
  • understand and leverage system intervention points;
  • solve tough problems with the A3 Solver.

Once you know how System works, you can focus your attention on developing and flourishing one or more aligned autonomous teams at any level in the organization.