…possibly excited by the Lean Leadership Jumpstart, you have decided to switch gears and transform your organization into an nimble swarm by developing a number of promising talents in you organization into agile coaches or change agents through the Lean Leadership Journey.

As soon as the whole organization is aligned, it will start to flow, propelled by lean leadership and her management. A common ground and vocabulary is the oil for what follows.

After the Align day in the Lean Leadership Journey you will know about:

  • agile, lean, and the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto;
  • Kanban as the means to embed evolutionary change in your organization;
  • the Scrum framework, its roles, rituals, and social objects;
  • the importance of stable teams;
  • ever evolving ‘plastic plans’.

Armed with this knowledge, attitude, and mentality, you are ready to explore an even more fundamental layer about System—sparking and governing complex adaptive systems.