…you lead by example in the area of agility and self-organization. As coach, you facilitate every meeting of thriving teams to a sparkling gathering.

Forever getting better in getting better makes you punchy and efficient, and gives you a sustained unfair competitive advantage while everyone around you shines.

After the change day on your Lean Leadership Journey you will be able to:

  • catalyze change;
  • evoke the right sense of urgency;
  • turn resistance into cooperation;
  • become friends with anxiety;
  • transform preferences and biases into nutrients for development;
  • grow into a dependable authority despite a salvo of critique;
  • stay calm in savage times
  • say “No” so your “Yes” means something.

You are now ready to put everything you have learned during your Lean Leadership Journey into practice. You also know how to transfer the tricks of the agile trade to other people and guide them into mastery.

Succes en plezier!