Values, values, values

Actual values are the behavior and skills that are valued within the ‘fellowship’. The fellowship being the group of people pursuing some—noble—goal. The Scrum Guide from 2016 pulls the Scrum values back into its center. Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland call it the heart of Scrum. The agile and lean frameworks, methods, and practices—like XP, Scrum […]

Improvement Board

Henrik Kniberg says that Squads at Spotify are using Big Visible Improvement Boards that focus on one to three Actionable Accelerators like: “What is blocking us?” Also, the board shows a Definition of Awesome that includes things like: Really finishing stuff. Easily ramping up new team members. No recurring tasks or bugs.


Goldilocks is an interesting technique and basically doing the opposite of estimating: You shape the work into the desired sizes. Vote each item into one of three piles: “Too Big”, “Just Right”, and “Too Small”. Split any “Too Big” items into “Just Right”-sized ones. Group any “Too Small” items together into “Just Right”. The Goldilocks […]

Keep the joint running

Picture tweeted by David J. Anderson made me look it up. I like it. #There are no best practices, only practices that fit best. #To optimize the whole you must sub-optimize the parts. #Bad metrics are worse than no metrics. #Relationships precede process. #Relationships outlive transactions. #Don’t confuse documentation with reality. #Before you can be […]

Success profile

Fused [ Agile Management » David J. Anderson » Lean Risk Management—Options, Liquidity & Hedging Risk using Kanban Systems] (ppt) and [ LKCE12 » David J. Anderson » Liquidity in Flow] (video) on a single en|big visible chart (A2-sized). Changes: *David uses ‘risk profiles’ to find out what to pull next. If success + risk = […]

Agile Organization

The 7th Key Principle of Lean Software Development is ”’Optimize the whole”’. The burning question is, how to boost collective evolutionary power from a participative, co-creative agile organizational point of view? Large Scale Intervention (LSI) provides principles, patterns and practices to just this? LSI is also known as ”’Whole Systems Change”’. Hope you enjoy a […]

Firefight no more

Highlights from ”Past the Tipping Point: The Persistence of Firefighting in Product Development” by Nelson Repenning, Paulo Gonçalves, and Laura Black. Putting out fires is not improvement. Finding a point out of control, finding the special cause and removing it, is only putting the process back to where it was in the first place. It […]