A CAT-Scan of the Global Brain

[http://www.intentblog.com/author.php?author=Deepak%20Chopra Deepak Chopra] writes: :…there are more school kids with high IQs in China than there are school kids in the United States. Or that a single week of the New York Times contains more information than the average person absorbed in a lifetime in the 18th century. The overall message is that the world […]

Collective Intelligence

[http://wiki.aardrock.com/Collective_Intelligence ] Converted my [http://wiki.aardrock.com/Collective_Intelligence highlights from Pierre Lévy’s Collective Intelligence]—Mankind’s emerging world in cyberspace to my wiki. Pierre Lévy’s vision towards the noosphere… Key words: ”’nomadic earth, molar technologies, anthropological spaces, collective intellect, informational universe, commodity space, knowledge space, molecular politics, preceding spaces, collective intelligence, agent intellect, territorial space, intelligent city, fourth space, angelic […]

Conscious Computing

Now that the world is heating up, so are the discussions and debates on reducing resources required for computing. Reduced power, reduced heating, sleeping and suspending processors and processes. Effective and efficient handling of our computing needs at minimal resource consumption in the complete life cycle of a network of computers has become the focus […]