Wilde rit

Degenen die hongeren naar aandacht verbergen hun eigen grootsheid. Degenen die hongeren naar kansen verbergen hun eigen scheppend vermogen. Degenen die hongeren naar liefde verbergen zich voor alles wat er al is. Tjongejonge, wat zijn zij in voor een wilde rit. Ik ben gek van je! Het Universum P.S. Vertrouw me, er zijn betere vormen […]

Time according to Deepak Chopra

===Transcript of video=== Time in my view is the continuity of memory using the ego as an internal reference point. ”’When we break the barrier of ego, the self-image, we break the barrier of time.”’ So time is the separation that occurs when there is the differentiation of our consiousness into observer, process of observation […]

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God

Prachtig interview met [http://aardnoot.nl/Amit_Gosmwami Amit Goswami] over [http://www.wie.org/j11/goswami.asp Scientific Proof of the Existence of God]. Voor mij is de ”’essentie”’ nog steeds: :Consciousness matters™—and that’s all that matters En dat kan je dus ”’heel letterlijk”’ nemen. Zelfs het woord ”heel” uit de vorige zin krijgt daardoor voor mij meer waarde.

Richard Dawkins digging his own grave

Seems like Richard Dawkins is digging his own grave in being so closed and arrested regarding opinions in conflict with his own. [http://www.intentblog.com/archives/2008/01/i_know_im_right.html Check out Deepak Chopra’s posting on I Know I’m Right, So Why Be Fair?] where Dawkins acts like a grumpy old man during his encounter with Rupert Sheldrake. Just like in Chopra’s […]

Zeitgeist – The Movie

Indrukwekkende film, [http://zeitgeistmovie.com/ Zeitgeist], over ”’De Grote Leugen”’ van geld, religie, aanstaande wereldorde van Verenigd Amerika (Canada, Noord – en Zuid -), Verenigd Europa en Verenigd Azië, 9/11, en zo voort. De ultieme ”’Brave New World”’. De stukken die mij met name interesseren zijn die over ”'[http://www.youtube.com/v/KeZB2EsPqGE&rel=1 religie]”’ en ”'[http://www.youtube.com/v/_dmPchuXIXQ&rel=1 geld]”’. Als je er in […]

Anton Heyboer on quantum, consciousness and awareness

Gaston Vilé was searching for the essential difference between ”’consciousness”’ and ”’awareness”’. While on the phone, I told him that Amit Goswami’s The Self-Aware Universe has an extensive point on this very difference. I promised Gaston to make the key pages available to him, and so I did. While on his search, Gaston found the […]

Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album

Wonderful spirit! The spirit of giving is gaining momentum. Endorses the [http://aloha.aardrock.com Aloha] project. Resonates with [http://martien.aardrock.com/2007/09/09/bill-clinton-giving/ Clinton’s Give]. [http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/10/01/164234 Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album]: “TechDirt is reporting that the band Radiohead has apparently chosen the path less traveled when it comes to the release of their new album. They are […]

Bill Clinton: Giving

[http://giving.clintonfoundation.org/ ] [http://giving.clintonfoundation.org/ Bill Clinton published a book titled ”’Giving”’], focusing on philantropy, charity and volunteering. I feel very much strengthened by this, as it resonates tremenduously with the core brand click ”'[http://wiki.aardrock.com/Aloha:klik Geef]”’™ from the [http://aloha.aardrock.com Aloha project]. Thank you Bill.

The Science Delusion?

Wonderful rebuttal by Deepak Chopra: [http://www.intentblog.com/archives/2007/09/deepaks_article.html The Science Delusion? Review of Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion]. Materialism vs. spiritualism and God. And resonating with [[Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality]]. Thank you Richard Dawkins, for writing your “The God Delusion” for it creates enormous attention for this ever important subject. You make people […]