Lean Leadership Jumpstart

Agile and lean help you get results and deliver satisfying projects. When executed with dedication and discipline it can help you do twice the work in half the time.

Lean Leadership requires  you to lead by example, to go before and show the way. You have to set direction and create the proper space to get the best out of your organization and make them shine.

After this intense one day session, you know:

  • the need for agile and lean;
  • the Agile Manifesto;
  • the concepts, mind set, principles, practices, and terminology of agile and lean;
  • when to use agile, lean or waterfall;
  • the importance of roles like Product Owner, Scrum Master, Flow Master, and Development Crew;
  • how to do twice the work in half the time by working smarter;
  • the common vocabulary of agile and lean.

After this intense one day session, you will be able to:

  • set up and foster self-organizing aligned autonomous teams;
  • embrace agile and lean product portfolio management;
  • sharpen the saw.
09:00 Welcome
10:00 Agile, lean, and waterfall
11:00 One Team® and One Process®
13:00 Agile Organization
14:00 Agile Clients
15:00 Declaration Of Agility
16:45 Happiness Door
17:00 fin

Learning by doing

A practical, intensive, and interactive training with many exercises and room for relevant conversation. Supported by to the point video fragments, theory, and background information.

Contact us if you are ready for the next step.