Luis von Ahn—Smart Games—Smart Software

Article in Automatiseringgids on [ Luis von Ahn]’s [ ESP Game]—a.k.a. the [ Google Image Labeler]—to smart tag images by human swarms. Ahn also created the spam-avoiding [ Captcha]. Thank you very much Luis!

Holacracy and chaorganization on votes

As a member of the Identity Commons mailing list for several years now I find many of the organizational conversations very interesting. Especially the dialogs on principles, articles, bylaws, organization, etc. I feel compelled to contribute in some way, but force myself not to for the simple reason that I know that I cannot sustain …

Fair money distribution game

Quickly jotted down a few inspirational sources for ”’fair money distribution games”’: * * * * * Based on these sources as well as input from [ Gaston Vilé], [ Stanley van Maaren] en [ Harry van der Velde], I wrote up ”'[ oprechte deelgeving]”’ (Dutch). Thoughts?

Amigo—onvoorwaardelijke vriendschap

Amigo—zicht op enkelvoudige eenvoud—over Jnana Yoga, Advaita Vedanta en andere Non-dualistische benaderingen. Mooie en diepe teksten met een typografische kwinkslag op Met dank aan Eduard Povel voor de tip toen hij me gisteren [ De betekenis van het leven] stuurde.

Natural Capital Institute

[ ] Eduard Povel tipped me on the Natural Capital Institute today—helping society move towards a socially just and environmentally restorative existence. ”’All open source. Hurray!”’ Wow, what a fine initiative. I’m going to contact them to find synergy between NCI and my LandONE initiative.

Martien’s compass

This morning, I got an email from Ronald Bernard from [ Spirit to Win] that caused me to line up my short-, mid-, and longterm vision and plans. I like this line up so much, I’ll share them with y’all. *[ Wanneer Dan—vision]. *[ LandONE—long term]. *[ Aardbron—mid term]. *[ Aloha—short term]. *[ Serengeti—financial energy]. …