Values, values, values

Actual values are the behavior and skills that are valued within the ‘fellowship’. The fellowship being the group of people pursuing some—noble—goal. The Scrum Guide from 2016 pulls the Scrum values back into its center. Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland call it the heart of Scrum. The agile and lean frameworks, methods, and practices—like XP, Scrum […]

Touch the snake

Everyone is creative, by nature. Just unsuppress it by following [ Albert Bandura]’s ‘Guided Mastery’. More: *[ MIT Sloan » How to Build Your Creative Confidence]

Clear goal, simple rules

:Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex and intelligent behavior. :Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple and stupid behavior. ::—Dee Hock, CEO Emeritus VISA International From en|team charter: *”’Team”’—A group of people or animals linked in a en|unity of purpose. *”’Self-organization”’—The tendency of an open system to generate new structures and […]

Success profile

Fused [ Agile Management » David J. Anderson » Lean Risk Management—Options, Liquidity & Hedging Risk using Kanban Systems] (ppt) and [ LKCE12 » David J. Anderson » Liquidity in Flow] (video) on a single en|big visible chart (A2-sized). Changes: *David uses ‘risk profiles’ to find out what to pull next. If success + risk = […]

Firefight no more

Highlights from ”Past the Tipping Point: The Persistence of Firefighting in Product Development” by Nelson Repenning, Paulo Gonçalves, and Laura Black. Putting out fires is not improvement. Finding a point out of control, finding the special cause and removing it, is only putting the process back to where it was in the first place. It […]


The BOSCARD can be seen as an acronym for the A3 and be used as a strategic planning tool used to provide the terms-of-reference for new projects: *”’Background”’—Provide background information that includes the reasons for creating the project and mentions the key stakeholders who will benefit from the project result. *”’Objectives”’—Describe the project goals and […]