Second Life To Open Source Server Code

Slashdot writes: Second Life To Open Source Server Code. This is an ”’excellent step! And ”’resonating with my [ LandONE]”’ perspective: :LandONE also results in a flurry of new and serious multi-user games, to be played on-line, on game consoles, mobile phones and media centers. These games leverage the successes of games like The Sims, […]

Apple to design for diabetics

Amy Tenderich writes about iPod design for diabetes care: :Why, oh why, do consumers everywhere get the most “insanely great” little MP3 player, while we whose lives depend on medical devices get the clunky stuff of yesteryear? ”’Excellent idea Amy!”’ Sure hope that Steve bites. And while at it, diabetes software can use an upgrade […]

Luis von Ahn—Smart Games—Smart Software

Article in Automatiseringgids on [ Luis von Ahn]’s [ ESP Game]—a.k.a. the [ Google Image Labeler]—to smart tag images by human swarms. Ahn also created the spam-avoiding [ Captcha]. Thank you very much Luis!

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! Now Support GeoRSS

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! Now Support GeoRSS: “Lord Satri writes ‘This week, Microsoft announced their new Live Maps, in addition to supporting Firefox on Windows for 3D, now supports the GeoRSS standard. They join Google which recently announced the support of GeoRSS and KML mapping in their Google Maps API. In short, GeoRSS is a […]

Joost—free TV with a peer-to-peer community

From :What’s Joost? It’s free TV, with the choice to watch alone or with friends. Joost is packed with internet tools such as instant messaging and channel chat, allowing people to really share the TV experience. :It’s a completely secure platform for content owners that respects their rights, while protecting and enhancing their brands. […]

TextBender—Web 3.0 distributed Wiki-like text writing

Interesting new way of distributed collaboration… TextBender is a system of collaborative writing based on recombinant text, textbender has these characteristics: *Your text belongs to a population, one text per author. *Quality bits of text are swapped among authors, peer to peer. *Individual authorship is retained and traceable throughout. Textbender is currently ”’aimed at creative […]