ScriptCloud for your tag cloud

adaptive agile aligned ambition architecture attendees blending brand builds chairing challenging clients collaboration compiler connects consecutive consultants corporate delegates etc excel executing externally facilitate focusing gap graphic het hosting implemented infrastructure ingredients initiated innovation inspiration interface links logo margin moderating networking organizational partners pipeline predictable presentations quarterly ranged realizing revenue scratch semantic seminars software solutions […]

The Math of Text Readability

The Math of Text Readability: “An anonymous reader writes ‘Wired magazine has an article that explains The Law of Optical Volumes, a formula for spacing the letters on a printed page that results in maximum readability. Wired’s new logo (did anyone notice?) obeys the law. Unfortunately, Web fonts don’t allow custom kerning pairs, so you […]

Sun font by Lucas de Groot

While on the topic of fonts, the [ Sun font] is my standard and favorite, as you can [ see on AardRock’s home page]. The Sun font is designed by [ Lucas de Groot] from [ FontFabrik]. Even [ Wikipedia has a page on Lucas de Groot].

Martin Majoor and his literary typeface

I’ve got something with fonts. Especially sans fonts. A couple of months ago, I got a small booklet handed out by Premsela titled “[ Morf 4]”. Martin Majoor writes about the correct use of typography in is article [ Did the French king have shoe size 49?]. Nice and clean piece of work on emdashes, […]