ScriptCloud for your tag cloud

Browsing [ visual text analysis] led me to [ Visualizations Sets Information Free] which in turn made me stumble over [ ScriptCloud] lets you create content clouds (like a ”’tag cloud”’) from your screenplay.

[ ScriptCloud logo] If a tag cloud means nothing to you, [ check out the FAQs] to find out more. Scriptcloud is intended for screenplays but you can upload any kind of text file.

And so I did. Picked my CV, saved as plain text and fed it ti Scriptcloud. The result is obvious. Too bad you can’t click on the tags.

[ TagCrowd] is another interesting similar tool.

Want this to work at (subsets of) my wiki or forum; and select my own font; and set the rectangular area to render it in; and have it as a plug-in or extension to any CMS.

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