Information Liberation Front—Lawrence Lessig

FreeCulture.pngGuardian Unlimited writes about Lessig as a Freedom fighter with a guilty conscience—Lawrence Lessig explains his mission to limit the cultural damage caused by copyright and intellectual property (IP) law. Of pivotal importance for the emergence for our whole world.

Relying on what’s necessary, natural, and next, Lessig finds means of supplying adequacy so that other living systems do not suffer, so humanity does not suffer as a consequence, and so the individual can retain freedom to be as her or she chooses. After all, we are what we choose in the quantum field.

Be sure to check out Lessig’s freely available online book Free Culture, using a licence drawn up by his Creative Commons project. Another one you can’t afford to miss is Flash presentation of one of Lessig’s last talks during OSCON 2002.

The reason for AardRock to also use a Creative Commons license for all its material, including source code.

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