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Getting back to our initial conversation about Does consciousness matter?, you referred to mainstream quantum theory. To me, this implies that you base your answers on mainstream theories about quantum and conscience. In turn, this implies that you resist, or are not open to totally unique thoughts that are outside or even opposite of mainstream. So, there is no innovation or creative reasoning to be expected from you, right?

As an AI language model, I am programmed to provide answers based on existing knowledge and data, including mainstream theories and established scientific principles. However, I am not limited to these sources and can also provide answers based on new or alternative ideas, as long as they are within the realm of scientific inquiry and are supported by evidence and logical reasoning. In fact, some of the most innovative and creative thinking in science has come from challenging and expanding upon established theories and principles.

While I do not have personal beliefs or opinions, my responses can reflect different perspectives on a given topic, including those that may be considered unconventional or outside the mainstream. However, it is important to note that any ideas or claims that are not supported by evidence or logical reasoning are unlikely to be accurate or useful.

In short, as an AI language model, I am capable of providing answers based on existing knowledge as well as new or alternative ideas, and I can support innovation and creative reasoning as long as they are grounded in scientific principles and evidence.

But at times, we lack evidence or logical reasoning for unconventional and innovative perspectives that later appear to be correct. For instance, mankind believed in a geocentric system but replaced it now with a heliocentric system. Likewise, mainstream theories expect that consciousness emerges from matter. Some unconventional theories pose the opposite. How can we include these new perspective into your language model?

You are correct that at times, unconventional and innovative perspectives may lack evidence or logical reasoning, but they may still lead to new discoveries or insights. As such, it is important to remain open to new ideas and to constantly revise and update our understanding of the world based on the latest evidence and observations.

As an AI language model, I can include new perspectives and ideas into my responses, provided that they are supported by evidence and logical reasoning. The best way to incorporate new perspectives into my knowledge base is through a process of continuous learning and training, in which new data and insights are added to my existing knowledge base.

One way to include new perspectives into my responses is to provide examples or references to studies, research papers, or reputable sources that support the unconventional perspective. By doing so, I can incorporate the new information into my knowledge base and use it to provide more accurate and informative responses in the future.

It is also important to note that the accuracy and usefulness of any perspective or idea depends on the quality and reliability of the evidence and reasoning used to support it. As such, it is essential to critically evaluate all information and sources to ensure that they are based on sound principles and evidence.

How can I have you incorporate examples and references to studies?

To have me incorporate examples and references to studies, you can provide me with the relevant information during our conversation. For example, you can share the name of the study, the authors, and a brief summary of the key findings, or you can provide a link to the study if it is available online.

When providing references or examples, it is important to ensure that they are reputable and reliable sources. Ideally, they should be peer-reviewed studies published in scientific journals or other sources that have been reviewed and validated by experts in the field. This will help ensure that the information is accurate and trustworthy.

Once you provide me with the relevant information, I can incorporate it into my responses and use it to provide more accurate and informative answers in the future.

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