Reputation: net promoter score (NPS)

Yet another reputation system—a Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the result of a customer satisfaction survey in which customers are asked only one so-called “Ultimate” question: :”’How likely are you to recommend Company or Product X to a friend or colleague?”’ Does this work for communities and personal reputation as well? Sparkle from

Natural Capital Institute

[ ] Eduard Povel tipped me on the Natural Capital Institute today—helping society move towards a socially just and environmentally restorative existence. ”’All open source. Hurray!”’ Wow, what a fine initiative. I’m going to contact them to find synergy between NCI and my LandONE initiative.

Digitale LEGO®: moeiteloos doorlopend actueel

Digitale LEGO® moeiteloos doorlopend actueel zonder handmatig onderhoud via mashups”’. [ Google], [ eBay], [ Amazon], [ YouTube], [] en [ Yahoo] geven externe programmeurs toegang tot delen van hun kernsoftware via zogeheten [ API]s: technische bruggetjes. Zo ontstaat een nieuw web van zogenaamde mashups. Kortom, API + API = [ mashup]. Ook bekend …

Co-creation: whoever has the smartest customers wins

Do consumer driven innovation, customer care and Wikinomics work? Well, at Procter & Gamble they do. Read CIO Magazine on Wikinomics. I’m a ”’big big fan of co-creation”’ and it’s been like this ever since the great Internet technologies like mail, the web and [ Java] emerged. [ Kevin Kelly] already wrote about it when he says: …

The Virtual Community, Howard Rheingold

Yes! Found a long lost book review on The Virtual Community by Howard Rheingold back thanks to Apple Spotlight. While at Sun Microsoystems, I sent the review to my fellow Mulitmedia Ambassadors and Human Interaction Engineers wordlwide on September 1st, 1994. I was reading a Wired article on novellist Cormac McCarthy, having an office at …