ZFS on a laptop

[http://blogs.sun.com/erickustarz/ Eric Kustarz]’s excellent point in favour of using [http://blogs.sun.com/erickustarz/entry/zfs_on_a_laptop ZFS for your laptop] to create a ”’extremely reliable store for all your personal data”’.

Sun Microsystems is really making a change here. Wish for ZFS to become abuntantly ubiquitous.

Next: swap a disk a day with your friend to have a copy of your data at a remote place when you’re house burns down or someone drops a bomb.

Beyond that: the [http://wiki.aardrock.com/Wizard_Rabbit_Treasurer Wizard, Rabbit and Treasurer] keep all your data safe in sync in a fully distributed self-organizing and self-healing peer-to-peer network.

Worryfree and effortless data.

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