Awesome Assistants

A potential role description of Personal Assistants within a company or organisation.


Our purpose is to give those who we serve:

Carefree management

Keep us sharp

Please let us know if we ever fail to meet the minimum standards so we can improve on our responsibilities.


  1. We schedule all your meetings—You can rest assured people have time to attend and be on time, leave on time.
  2. We secure sufficient slack in your calendars and avoid head-tail appointments, leave from for preparation or evaluation of meetings.
  3. We make your trips a breeze—both domestic and international. You will enjoy all your trips, because meetings will be properly scheduled, hotels will be booked. tickets will be ready timely, plus, you will have ample space to prepare for and recover from busy travel.
  4. We organise your events you well happily remember and provide you with good memories—we’ll make sure you will meet the right people at the right time, the right people will attend and the venues arranged; we’ll take care of badges, routing, hotels, catering, venues, what have you.
  5. We run your webcasts so you can focus on its content; we’ll make sure the right time is picked for all required participants.
  6. We organise your town halls, the venue, time, catering, and attendees.
  7. We conduct your events—venue, time, catering, and attendees. You take care of the agenda, invitation, invitees and contents; we’ll do the rest.
  8. We onboard people to make them feel at home.
  9. We chase and nag you until we have all the essential information to be able to meet and exceed our responsibilities.
  10. We collect, absorb, distill, refine, and share essential information for our job so that everyone is always up to date, understands and agrees.
  11. We maintain a coherent and consistent shared storage and documentation  for our whole department.
  12. We work as one team, securing our availability on working days from 07:00 until 18:00. Even when we’re not at our desk; we’ll make sure you can always reach us. We’ll cover for each other when needed.
  13. We turn problems into opportunities in order to improve our way of working as a habit.


  • All secretarial activities within our department.


  • We garden and live by our always up to date Excellence Guide, detailing our way of work and responsibilities and which has consent of our managers and those who we serve.
  • We work as one team while having a dedicated personal focus.
  • We review and improve our way of working on an ongoing basis with a more in-depth and thorough review and improvement every six weeks (8 times per year).

Published by Martien van Steenbergen

Martien is a Master Agile & Lean Trainer & Coach.

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