Fundamental Research of Matter -> Fields

multimodefiber-farfield.jpgTook my daughter Tamar to the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics ‘Rijnhuizen’ for a school excursion. FOM is one of the research institutes of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter.

I was welcomed by Amy Shumack (native Australian and excellent Dutch tongue) and I asked her what matter actually is. So we talked about extremely compressed energy and Einstein’s famous E=mc2, relating one to the other.

Amy told me that they’re building a huge nuclear fusion plant—ITER—in France for tests. Current yield of nuclear fusion is about 0.6. Amy is confident that one day we’ll have abundant and clean energy from nuclear fusion processes.

Wondered if there is any Fundamental Research on Fields (like the Akashic and Zero Point Field), she referred me to Eric Eliel and G. Nienhuis at the Quantum Optics and Quantum Information group at Leiden University.

Can’t wait to get in touch with them and open a dialog on topics like the A-field and quantum computing.

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