LA Times Gets Hits with Wiki Stick

LA Times Gets Hits with Wiki Stick: “ (Update: somewhat obvious April Foolery!) News of a very surprising and innovative move in journalism: The former Los Angeles Times has transitioned to become The Los Wikiless Timespedia, ‘continuously updated by the fine people of Los Angeles and the World.’ ‘We tried basically all the gimmicks we […]

Howard Rheingold: Way-new collaboration

Transcript of Howard Rheingold’s TED-2005 talk about the coming world of collaboration, participatory media and collective action—and how Wikipedia is really an outgrowth of our natural human instinct to work as a group. As he points out, humans have been banding together to work collectively since our days of hunting mastodons.

Using Social Networking Tools to Write a Book

Interesting… especially in the context of Aloha, and also potentially in the context of Baobab. [ Using Social Networking Tools to Write a Book]: “WikiTiki writes ‘Safari Books Online has a new interview with Barry Libert, one of the authors of ‘We are Smarter Than Me: How to Unleash the Power of Crowds in Your […]

Nieuwe zakelijke modellen voor de transitieperiode

Michel Bauwens tipte me gisteren op een artikel in [ 6 minutes business]: :Eindeloze groei in ons beperkt natuurlijk systeem is onmogelijk. Wij bevinden ons nu in een transitiefase waarin nieuwe peer-productiegemeenschappen zoeken naar ideale samenwerkingsvormen. En die zijn er in het internet, nu al, en ze hebben succes. Lees meer over [ Nieuwe zakelijke […]

Collective Intelligence

[ ] Converted my [ highlights from Pierre Lévy’s Collective Intelligence]—Mankind’s emerging world in cyberspace to my wiki. Pierre Lévy’s vision towards the noosphere… Key words: ”’nomadic earth, molar technologies, anthropological spaces, collective intellect, informational universe, commodity space, knowledge space, molecular politics, preceding spaces, collective intelligence, agent intellect, territorial space, intelligent city, fourth space, angelic […]

How to create Hot Crowds

[ How to create Hot Crowds]: Hot Groups are high performing teams with six characteristics: #Hot teams are highly dedicated to end results and are enthusiastic #They thrive on ridiculous deadlines and high hurdles to take #They are irreverent and non-hierarchical, playing around and having fun #They are made up of widely divergent disciplines and […]


For extremely profitable price/quality ratios, aim to ”’maximize evolvability”’ for all stakeholders by: minimizing the efforts to develop, release and maintain your product; maximizing scalability; maximizing innovation to happen elsewhere—make it open source and use Crowdsourcing Directory; maximizing adopting & setting open standards for quality, processes and technology. using a tolerant development process; being open […]

Ode met leuke ideeën voor nieuwe website

Ode wil een nieuwe website en heeft haar netwerk uitgenodigd voor ideeën. Hier een bekopte samenvatting. *houd informatie vindbaar—groot probleem bij veel forums, blogs en netwerken; *makkelijk bij onderwerpen en andere geïnteresseerden kunnen komen; *dialoog tussen lezers per onderwerp; *een verdere dialoog tussen opiniemakers; *laat gelijkgestemden elkaar vinden en zo zaken kunnen delen (social networking); […]