For extremely profitable price/quality ratios, aim to ”’maximize evolvability”’ for all stakeholders by: minimizing the efforts to develop, release and maintain your product; maximizing scalability; maximizing innovation to happen elsewhere—make it open source and use Crowdsourcing Directory; maximizing adopting & setting open standards for quality, processes and technology. using a tolerant development process; being open […]

ScriptCloud for your tag cloud

adaptive agile aligned ambition architecture attendees blending brand builds chairing challenging clients collaboration compiler connects consecutive consultants corporate delegates etc excel executing externally facilitate focusing gap graphic het hosting implemented infrastructure ingredients initiated innovation inspiration interface links logo margin moderating networking organizational partners pipeline predictable presentations quarterly ranged realizing revenue scratch semantic seminars software solutions […]

ZFS on a laptop

[http://blogs.sun.com/erickustarz/ Eric Kustarz]’s excellent point in favour of using [http://blogs.sun.com/erickustarz/entry/zfs_on_a_laptop ZFS for your laptop] to create a ”’extremely reliable store for all your personal data”’. Sun Microsystems is really making a change here. Wish for ZFS to become abuntantly ubiquitous. Next: swap a disk a day with your friend to have a copy of your […]

Innovation and Agility

Jim Highsmith on [http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/CutterConsortiumEnterpriseSuite/~3/127107226/apm070621.html Innovation and Agility]: I have always maintained that one characteristic of a good agile leader is the ability to balance: up-front planning with on-going planning, early architecture with evolutionary architecture, and innovation with efficiency. It is a difficult balancing act. If CEOs can’t seem to get the balancing right, how can […]

Check this out: cool Mac software from Amsterdam

[http://www.checkoutapp.com/ ] [http://www.versionsapp.com/ ] Via [http://developer.apple.com/business/macmarket/checkout.html Apple Developer Connection]: :The team of young developers at Amsterdam-based Madebysofa were frustrated as customers of a difficult point-of-sale (POS) application and a shortage of usable and affordable alternatives. So they decided to turn a problem into an opportunity, and set out to create their own application that worked […]

DocBook – FrameMaker – MediaWiki – DocBook

To my former creative colleague, while at Sun Microsystems, Wilfred Springer, now at TomTom. Hi Wilfred, Seeing on your blog [http://agilejava.com/blog Distributed Reflections of the Third Kind] that you’re still a [http://agilejava.com/blog/?p=112 big fan of DocBook], allow me to pose a question. I am in the process of writing an extensive pattern language (which I […]

Kwantumcomputer wereldveranderend

Volgens [http://homepages.cwi.nl/~rdewolf/ Ronald de Wolf] van het CWI in een artikel in de Computable nummer 19 van 11 mei 2007, pagina 30 en 31. En zelfs [http://www.kennislink.nl/web/show?id=162552 lekkende qubits geven toch antwoord]… Benieuwd hoe Ronald aankijkt tegen de kombinatie van spiritualiteit en (kwantum-)wetenschap. En helemaal in de context van de enigzins hyperige [Intention Experiments, Law […]

Aarde blog live on Earth Day

Creating a ”’brand new country”’ is a startling endeavour. And today is Earth Day. An excellent day to go public with my passion. I’m giving it my whole heart, soul, and mind. Previously code-named [http://wiki.aardrock.com/LandONE LandONE], I’ve renamed it to ”’Aarde”’. I’ve started the [http://aardsource.org/ Aarde blog]—domainnames aarde.org and aarde.net are already taken, so I’ve […]